Monday, 26 August 2013

Take Advantage of the Trends

Alternative subcultures revel in avoiding mainstream culture and fashion right? But what about when the mainstream borrows for the counter-culture fashion statements?
While some might despise the trends, I say indulge and take advantage of them! I personally love when the "dark alt look" becomes fashionable. It means the styles I love are easily accessible and I can often find them for more affordable prices; instead of having to order online or seek out a specialty shop, I can march into my local department stores, seek out the sales rack and find something I'll enjoy wearing.

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Here are my 10 favorite trends to take advantage of this season:

  1. Leather!
    Leather Trim, leather patches, leather shirts, skirt and pants. Leather (and alternatively the more affordable/ vegan friendly pleather) is very in right now. Leather is always a good staple for boots, coats and bags, but right now I'm digging the use of it in just about every article of clothing out thing. Black leather is common, but don't be afraid to add in some brighter alternatives.
  2. Skull Motifs.
    Skull prints, rings, beads, bracelets... They are everywhere and actually look quite nice, as opposed to the Halloween costume skull jewellery that comes out this time each year. (I'll admit I enjoy Halloween jewellery from time to time, but a lot of it does tend to be quite tacky. Avoid anything plastic, cheaply painted or possibly made of lead.)
  3. Black-and-white Stripes.
    These aren't for everyone, especially if you want to avoid the Beetlejuice or mime look (I love Beetlejuice so I don't see a problem with that...)
  4. Biker Jackets.
    Very edgy indeed. This style is common in leather but look out for tweed jackets, cotton sweaters and wool coats in the same style.
  5. Combat Boots:
    They're in. I know you have them. If you don't already this is the perfect excuse to go buy a pair.
  6. Waistcoats. Aka Vests. Lovely, reminiscent of Victorian times. The perfect article for Victorian goths, Romantic goths, Lolitas and Steampunks alike. Try one in a fitted suit style or a lacy knit.
  7. Studs!
    Studs everywhere. Studded cuffs, bracelets, rings, wallets, phone cases, boots, shoes, heels, coat, patches of knees and elbows... everywhere.
  8. Sky High Boots.
    Boots that go over the knee and even up to the thigh are in, and I'd like to think they are quite practical for the winter. If the chunkiness of the other shoe trends this season aren't for you, these provide a sleeker alternative to the combat boot.
  9. Cameo Jewellery.
    Again with the Victorian inspiration, these adorable gems can be found lurking in many accessory stores. 
  10. Capes.
    Yet another Victorian inspired piece! Cape styled jackets can be found in stores like H&M, and don't forget the elegance of a cape-like shawl.
Happy hunting Darklings!
Twiggy Pop.


  1. wow i love love your blog! +following

  2. I'm glad to see the alternative fashion trends sneaking into mainstream, they're, as you said, much more affordable and I personally prefer the more casual and wearable items to the frilly, lacey articles of gothic fashion anyway. ^^