Thursday, 27 February 2014

To Do List: DIY's

DIY to do list

DIY to do list by goth-proxy 

So I really do need to do more DIYs.
And I have quite a few planned.
Here's a few of my current inspirations / Goals:
1. Dangly Chain Collar
2. Lace Choker
3. Goth Hand Candy
4. Black Flower Crown
5. Body Chain Jewellery
6. Leg Garters
7. Studded Bra

I need to order a ton of cone stud beads for the bra. And I'll have to make a trip to a dollar store for some fake flowers... I'm not sure if I'll find them in black... that might have to wait until halloween to find those.

Fun plans!

Listening To : "Skinny Little Bitch" - Angelspit



  1. I've been wanting to do a body chain since FOREVER and they are sooo easy to make!!!! On a similar note, I wanted to make an ear cuff thing with the chains too. Also SUPER easy to make. The garter too. I must be getting exceptionally lazy these days. Do you have any styling tips for the spiked bra? I've had one for a while now and only wore it once...can't find a damn thing to wear it with.

    1. Hm, styling tips? Personally I want one to wear with my underbust corset. However, if you don't have one you could potentially wear it with a low cut top , or open front shirt. I will make some polyvore sets to show what I'm thinking. :)