Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Office Goth

Office Goth 2

Key elements to any office wardrobe for the goth. Again a simple outfit:

  1. A sleek Black Coat (for the cold days). Not too many unecessary buckles, rivets or zippers.
  2. Dress shoes. They don't have to be plain and boring though. Like flats you can find some that have additionas such as studs or embossments. Doc Martens have some pretty funky dress shoes too!
  3. A white button up shirt. Again, a black blouse if acceptable also, but the white helps break up the black to avoid that overly formal funeral look that is associated with all black business formal wear. Add patterns! Pinstripes for example are classic.
  4. A blazer. Again, I've found that no matter what you are wearing, throwing a blazer on top will make it 90% more work appropriate.
  5. A big black bag to throw your stuff in. Try to avoid coffin shapes.

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