Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What do I put on my feet?

Creepers, combat boots, steam-punk stilettos and not a single work shoe in sight. And there's no way you are about to go out a spend good money on an boring work shoe.
You might already have a pair of mary janes or flats, and those will do just fine with any work outfit. If you've got a pair of plain combat boots and can pull your pants over top they will also work fine as work shoes. But if you don't have any of these options, you might want to consider finding a pair of work appropriate shoes. It doesn't have to be painful though.

I've put together this collection of shoes I've found around the web (in both men's and women's styles) that appeal to my gothy practicalities. You can generally get away with most of these styles in most settings, although the boots are better suited for the winter months and the sandals are better for the summer. Keep your dress code in mind and don't panic, you can find shoes that appeal to your own sense of fashion.

Twiggy Pop

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