Sunday, 18 August 2013

Goth Day at the Beach

A goth? At the Beach? Psshhh, that doesn't make sense. 


Mandy Bones One-Piece Swimsuit by Too Fast ($46.00 on

Hello Darklings,

I know many of us would never venture out into the sun willingly, but on the off chance that you do decide to frolic on the sandy beach and enjoy the summer weather while it's still here, I've compiled a list of essential items for Goth survival at the beach.

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Goth Beach Survival Check List:

A Bathing suit you are comfortable in. There are "Goth" bathing suits out there, but unless you are willing to drop $50-80 to buy one online, they aren't easy to find. Unless you swim often I wouldn't recommend spending a ton of money on swimwear. Instead just find a bathing suit that you are comfortable in. I recommend going to your nearest Walmart or Target and sepnding $14 on a pair of black swim trunks or a bikini/ tankini. Sometimes you can even find ones with funky prints.

This tankini from Sears is $25.
A beach coverup. Something black and see through. You might already have a big black shear shawl in your wardrobe. Use that.

Or go out and find a draped black dress. Bonus points if you'll wear it normally.

I enjoy this netted coverup from Walmart - $5.

A big black floppy hat. Great to keep the sun out of your face. Of course this only works if you don't have liberty spikes or a giant death-hawk...

I've seen these everywhere, at all kinds of prices. This one in particular is $12 on amazon. 
Dark sunglasses. You probably already have these. Check that off.
If not, try to find some that have UV protection.
Like these funky cat-eyes glasses from Nordstorm. $12.
The dreaded sandals. The bathing suits, it is almost impossible to find comfy goth sandals that are affordable. You could always get a black pair of flip-flops, but if you wanted something more substantial I recommend taking advantage of the current studded leather trend and grabbing a pair of something like these.

Like these leather studded sandals from ASOS ($47.25). 
Lipbalm. Protect your lips with UV lip-balm. Bonus points if you find black lipstick with UV protection.

I'm not gonna tell you wear to get this. Just go to a drug store and buy some.

Sunscreen. If you are a pale goth, you need to wear a lot of Sunscreen. Even if your skin tone is dark, you can still burn, and if you don't get a lot of sun normally you burn easier. Wear Sunscreen.

I'm not gonna tell you wear to get this. Just go to a drug store and buy some.

A Parasol! I know many people think parasols are silly, or too baby bat or nu-goth, but they do have their uses. I personally love parasols when going for long walks in the summer sun. I burn far too easily when directly exposed to the sun. And the beach is a fabulous excuse to use one. You can find black lacey ones and paper ones as well, but on short notice a black umbrella will work just as well to provide some shade when strolling on the beach.

This parasol is $32 from Greatlookz. 

A large bag to keep necessities in. Put your sunscreen, towel and lip balm in there. Throw in a bottle of water, and maybe some snacks, and you are ready to go.

I'm a lover of black cats, and this bag is just excellent ($47 from Black totes are available all over the place at a variety of prices. 

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