Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sometimes I get frustrated with the music industry and people and music elitists.


Also heres the view from outside my apartment:

More blurry photos...

That's the skirt I made to wear tonight to the (potentially last ever) Chiptunes gaming night / geeks-and-bleeps goth night at Swizzles. Come out and enjoy the music and video games.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things to do:

Part of me just wants to quit. Honestly, over the last few months I've had a hard time keeping up with everything, and with recent events I feel like the scene has gone into a deep freeze.

Industrial night is over.
And now Retro night and Geeks & Bleeps at Swizzles will likely end as well.

Going out to events, many are often sparse, few people attend and the scene is quiet.


I also want to keep supporting the artists I love, and trying to make it out to shows and events.
And I keep going out to other things as well. Because even if goth and industrial have shrunk and dispersed, Ottawa itself has a thriving underground scene. Interesting bands, punk shows, art shows, maker markets, coffee shops, conventions and festivals. All the things I never knew about when I was a teen that led me to think that Ottawa was boring because nothing cool happens here. But cool things are happening and I want to share. And Toronto and Montreal aren't far, well worth the visit when possible, so I'll share significant things about them too.

This blog might not have as many updates for a while. But when I can I'm going to post interesting things. Even if this blog turns into a list of alternative and interesting events, I think I'm okay with that.

Sooo here it is. My current list of neat things to do:

Chiptunes / Geeks and Bleeps
THIS SATURDAY. Possibly the last official one.
10pm - 2am
Swizzles Bar and Grill

No Cover.

Disconnect :: Dark electronic music with an industrial edge.
Every 2nd Saturday of Every Month.
10pm - 2am

No Cover.
Swizzles Bar and Grill

School of Bass #49 featuring KyljaK, Type Zero, Kadet P, Lazirus, Garidose!Saturday July 4th 2015
+19 with valid photo I.D. required.
NO COVER with non perishable food donation, otherwise $5 at the door.
Swizzles Bar and Grill
246 Queen st (basement)

Outdoor Movies
Various Locations, All over ottawa
Various Prices (often pay what you can)

See the schedule here:

Animal Inside Out - Exhibit at the Nature Museum
Animal Anatomy displayed in detail
On display until September 30/15
Canadian Nature Museum
Varied Prices

Local Punk Garage Bands
July 15
$8 - All Ages
July 25, 3-5 pm
All are welcome
G-Anime SummerAnime Convention
July 18-19
Full Weekend event
(varied cost)
Palais des Congrès de Gatineau

Atomic Lollipop (Toronto) 
Electronic Music and Anime And Comic Convention
July 17-19
Full Weekend event (varied cost)
Toronto Convention Center 

The Casualties at Mavericks

August 15th
Mavericks (221 Rideau Street)
$15 advance | 19+ Event
Tickets will be available at Vertigo Records and

Aftermath - Industrial Gothic Music Festival (Toronto)
August 27-29
Phoenix Concert Theatre 
Full weekend event
$150 (hotel cost not included)

And lots of other things.
I'll post more as I find them.


Friday, 19 June 2015

Ottawa lost an iconic DJ last night

Last night, DJ Leslise (Leslie Hodge) passed away. She was an influential part of the Ottawa alternative scene, especially the goth and industrial scene. She was the leading force behind projects like Zaphod's Industrial night, which ran for over 20 years every Tuesday night at Zaphods Beeblebrox Bar. When that ended she quickly founded the group responsible for Retro Night and Geeks-&-Bleeps Night at Swizzles Bar, which ran every third and fourth Saturday each month. She frequently put the music and scene she loved first; she made it a priority and kept the scene in Ottawa shining.

I didn't know Leslie closely. We were acquaintances, having shared a small conversation here or there. I wish that I had been able to know her better, and I wish that I had been able to express to her my gratitude towards her passion and enthusisasm. I'm glad to say that the last time we spoke I said thank you to her; thanks for all that she'd done for our little Ottawa alternative scene. But I wish that I could have said more; that I could have known her better.

She was a connection between so many people. If it weren't for her and her dedication, I would not have met many of the people I am close to today. I would not be as involved in the Ottawa underground. And I would not belong to the same beautiful subculture and social circle.

Rest in Peace Leslie. Thank you for being an inspirational spirit. May you find a beautiful beyond.