Saturday, 13 September 2014

Halloween! Things I found at the Dollar Store:

Fishnets and skull Patches. :)

Also Plastic Tubing... This is the first time I've seen the dollar-store carrying  this stuff, but I might make some cyber falls with these, or just some funky head gear. And a shiny purple pumpkin and some plastic skull cups.

Feather eyelashes! I love these things, and they are best when found at the dollar-store at Halloween time, good quality and the best price.

I have a weakness for pretty masks. I might add some extra rhinestones to this one when I have a chance.

I found these pretty arm warmers too! They are surprisingly decent quality. Normally These types of accessories aren't the nicest when they are costume pieces but these are quite nice. Soft fabric and they don't feel flimsy like they'll fall apart after one wear.