Friday, 17 January 2014

Office Goth 2013

Office Goth Outfit #16-30. I do enjoy making these alot.
I love pencil skirt and long sleeve button up blouses, they are so versatile. I'm also a fan of blazers. I've discovered that (almost) any outfit becomes more professional looking with the right blazer and pair of shoes.

Check Out Office Goth #1-15 here

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Let's go buy some useless mall junk.

Old Horrorpops and New NIN.
The sweater is uber cozy, and the top is gothy and work appropriate. Excellent :)

These were all on sale for 94 cents. Grey fishnets, and mesh tights in 2 shades of pink. Strange colours, but I like them.

Soooooocks. Thigh High socks, toe socks and a pair of lacey tights from Ardene's.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Spiders and Cats

This is the super pretty stained glass spider and spider web that I received for my birthday. It seemed like a   lovely decoration for a goth home so I thought I'd share. Now I just need to find a good place for it.

(It is the only spider I will allow in my room. )

Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's my birthday today!

So I made you a present! A birthday card that you can give to who ever you'd like on their birthday. Feel free to print it out and give it to people, but if you choose to use this elsewhere on the web, please provide credit/ link back to my blog. thank you!

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Twiggy Pop

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hair Dye Adventures

My hair is pretty short (shaved with one long patch on top) and it has been blue more or less for the last... 6 months...? I think something like that. It fades and I redye it and that has been my cycle for the last while and this bottle has lasted me for that time. I'm pretty happy with the results, but today I put the last of the dye in my hair and now my precious dye is all gone. When I hair fades again I think I'm going to make the switch to plain black hair. My current employer is open to all colours of hair, but unfortunately my internship there is only temporary. I think black is a little more natural and work-appropriate. Although while I'm at school I suppose hair colour won't matter too much.

I'm also looking for something with a little less maintenance though, something that won't fade so quickly if I wash my hair as often as I like to. So a more permanent blue black might be my best bet.

Does any one have any recommendations on good dye brands for black?

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

6 Trends from the Mainstream that I don't hate!

  1. Beyonce - I grew up on Destiny's Child, of course I love her. The music is catchy and her videos are creative. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Don't judge me.
  2. Pastels / White clothing - Aside from the pastel goth look, pastels are pretty trendy as of late; they are popping up in many spring 2014 runway shows. And while pastels and white clothing really aren't my go-to choice for clothing, I do sort of like the look of an entirely white or off-white outfit. It's kind of ghostly and ethereal, and makes me think of banshees and similar spooks.
  3. Bold or Neon Eye Makeup - Goths and the Alternative scene can probably lay claim to the heavy make-up, black eyeliner cat-eye trend. But I do enjoy some of the more neon styles being seen lately. The neon colours offer a change, yet still possess the same extreme look. And I like that.
  4. Agate/ Gemstone Decor - Who doesn't love giant rocks. 'Nough Said.
  5. Neon Lipstick - Similar to the eye makeup trends, I really just like the alternative to typical lip colours. It can be hard to find a bright pastel or neon lip colour that matches your complexions, but I think its a matter of find what works for you. I'd like to experiment with weird colours like this. Except for orange. I dislike orange lipstick a lot
  6. Ear cuffs - As someone with no piercings (gasp I know right?!) ear cuffs have opened a whole new world of jewellery that I never had access to before. And I love them for that.(I dunno why I never got my ears pierced. It seemed like too much effort at the time and now I'm just not motivated enough to do it. )

Do you have any mainstream trends you like or guilty pleasures you are willing to admit to?

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Twiggy Pop

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Topics to blog about:

Since I'm going to actually attempt to make frequent updates, this is my list of prompts:
  1.  Favorite Goth activity to do on a lazy sunday
  2.  Guilty Pleasures (version 1): Things you enjoy that are decidedly not alternative (Maybe not guilty at all)
  3.  Guilty Pleasures (version 2): Alt/ Gothy things you like or do that might be frowned upon by your other goth buddies 
  4. Baby-Bat Phase: Did you have one? What was it like?
  5. 5 Mainstream Trends that drive you bonkers
  6. 5 Alternative Trends you embrace and can't get enough of
  7. 5 Alternative Trends you never really "got"
  8. 5 Pet Peeves in general
  9. What is one genre of goth (cyber goth, pastel goth etc) that year really like and one that you really dislike.
  10. 10 Bands you adore
  11. What was the first alternative musician/band that you listened to? What genre would you call the band (punk, ska, goth, metal etc)?
  12. Is the alt lifestyle 24/7 for you? Why or Why not?
  13. Do you dabble in many genres and styles, or have you found one look and scene that works for you?
  14. How to make an otherwise boring space into your own alt-paradise (Bedroom, living room etc)
  15. How to survive "cheerful gatherings" without biting off someones head or giving up your own dignity
  16. How to survive "goth -themed" parties or costumes etc hosted by people who don't know anything about alternative subcultures
  17. One article of clothing in your closet that you wear too often / can't live without
  18. One artcile of clothing you own that you should probably throw out but can't seem to toss
  19. Is there a band you first didn't like but now adore? Did you hate a band and now can tolerate them?
  20. How have your music tastes evolved and changed
  21. Music Wishlist: Albums you intend to own one day or wish you could buy
  22. Fashion Wishlist: Items of clothing you covet muchly
  23. Book wishlist: Books you really want to read, and whether you'd buy them or just borrow from the library (Bonus post, do you use the library?)
  24. Historical Wishlist: Historical items (example clothing) that you wish you could own now
  25. Weirdest thing ever said to you about your style of dress. Bonus points for funny responses.
  26. What is essential to your alternative lifestyle
  27. Your favorite style inspiration that isn't directly Goth
  28. Your favorite Goth Inspiration
  29. How to make any holiday a little more gothy (Easter, Valentines day?)
  30. An infamous person in the Goth scene and how you feel about them. (Basically some one who seems to be a frequent topic of argument about whether or not they are goth/ or if the art they produce is goth. Such as Tim Burton, Marylin Manson etc) 

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Update: I thought of mooooore...

2014 New Year Resolutions

I almost never make resloutions, but I figured I'd try it out just to see. Hopefully I'll actually follow through.

Blog related
  • Biweekly posts that aren't Polyvore Posts.
  • More DIY posts: I craft and DIY a lot, it's really just a matter of me actually documenting things. I'm super bad at that
  • More photo-posts: I'd like to take more pictures of the lovely things out in the world.
  • Make some posts about local artists and bands. I know many alternative models, fashion designers, artists, bands in my local area and I'd love to do a few reviews and possibly even interviews for this blog.
  • Add a “What I'm listening too” to the end of my posts.
  • Maybe some Outfit Posts that aren't polyvore posts? Maybe you'll actualy see me?? (No you won't I'll probably censor my face, but close enough)
  • Make some printables. I'd like to share my artsy abilities with my lovely darklings through printables. Maybe some alternative cupcake topppers, valentines, greeting cards etc. That type of thing.

  • Obtain a tripod : I hate the look of flash and lighting in my home is awful. It is also awful in a lot of other places I take photos, like clubs (of bands), outside at night, in dark places etc. also key if I ever decide to do outfit posts.
  • Build up my office wardrobe.
  • Travel: I'm not sure where, but I'm thinking probably Europe (Germany, Scandinavia), Ireland & Scotland or Australia. I want to travel for at least a few weeks after my internship is done before I go back to school in September.
  • Draw More, Create More and Build up my Portfolio. More importantly, Update my portfolio.
  • Use my tablet more.
  • Use SolidWorks more often. 
 What do you think? I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Any resolutions for yourself?

Twiggy Pop
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Friday, 3 January 2014

First post of the new year!

annnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm sick.

I've been sick for the whoooole year. It's a very unfortunate way to start the new year. But I think I'm getting better. I actually put on clothes today! But I'm still tired, and its bitterly cold today so I'm not going outside. Wooooo Canada.

I spent my new years eve at the Vineyards wine bar, drinking Gewurztraminer with a few friends. It was lovely and relaxing. A nice change from the typical club scene and loud music. It was kind of fun going out all gothed up in fancy garb to a regular bar. We got some funny looks but no one bothered us. And then after we went to a 24 hour diner for milkshakes. ( If you are ever in Ottawa there is a diner called Zak's, not too far from the Dominion and Zaphod's, that you must go to. They also serve all day breakfast. And they have the best gluten free french toast. )

I was going to go to Montreal this weekend but I had to cancel the trip due to my illness. Hopefully I'll be able to go in the near future.

How was your new years?

-Twiggy Pop