Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mission Statement...

For the freaks that didn't grow out of their freaky phase.

This is my guidelines and journey to "grown-up goth" or living goth or punk or alternative lifestyle while still making a living.

While it would be nice to be a pointy-haired combat boot wearer for ever and always, many of us will eventually find our selves becoming part of the social norms working in jobs that require uniforms and business suits. We can only hope that the uniforms we are given aren't too restrictive... after all we all have to grow up sometime, right? And while many of the blue haired fishnet dudes grow up to be content wearing a suit and carrying a brief case, many more will enter the corporate world and find themselves itching for some reminiscent of their old haunts. But whose to say you have to give up those old haunts? Whose to say you can continue to protest and write zines? Whose to say you can't host elegant gothic tea parties? What ever floats your boat, I say do it, no matter your age or occupation.

And as for the office setting you've found yourself in... Let's see if we can find a way to get around the mundane business suits and brief cases shall we?

Call it goth in cognito, Call in infiltrating the mainstream, or taking the system down from the inside out. I'd like to say there are ways to continue to enjoy your style choices, and ways to make a living but still be freaky.

This blog will explore mostly goth inspired fashion, but I'll also explore other alternative subcultures, music, art and style choices. I'll touch on being alternative in a small town, the alt scene, and trying to carry on being freaky even after becoming a "productive member of society." But mostly fashion and hopefully DIYs. And maybe cupcakes.

-Twiggy Pop

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