Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Office Goth

Office Goth 1

Key elements to any office wardrobe for the goth:

  1. A sleek Black Coat (for the cold days). Not too many unecessary buckles, rivets or zippers.
  2. A simple pair of flats. Unfortunately, most office settings won't be too keen on your combat boots or converse sneakers.Black Flats are the way to go for comfort, and they come with a variety of styles, so you can sneak in some black lace, bows, buckles or even studs as shown above.
  3. A white button up shirt. It looks clean and professional, and you probably already own one. A black blouse if acceptable also, but the white helps break up the black to avoid that overly formal funeral look that is associated with all black business formal wear.
  4. A blazer. Probably black, but any colour will do. Simple is best, but they do come with more creative additions such as lace or leather panels. I've found that no matter what you are wearing, throwing a blazer on top will make it 90% more work appropriate.
  5. A big black bag to throw your stuff in. Try to avoid coffin shapes.

You might be saying "oh god my studded leather jacket will never go with that."
Or "That's so boring, where are the ruffles, the corsets, this is so very mundane."

Well... Thats the point. Unfortunately. The idea with this outfit is to start out simple and make additions that make it more your taste. Having these in your closet will give you something to wear to an interview that won't send you potential employer running. Slowly introduce items into your office wear to test the waters, see what you can get away will before wearing a lolita dress to work. But start off simple.

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