Tuesday, 7 January 2014

6 Trends from the Mainstream that I don't hate!

  1. Beyonce - I grew up on Destiny's Child, of course I love her. The music is catchy and her videos are creative. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Don't judge me.
  2. Pastels / White clothing - Aside from the pastel goth look, pastels are pretty trendy as of late; they are popping up in many spring 2014 runway shows. And while pastels and white clothing really aren't my go-to choice for clothing, I do sort of like the look of an entirely white or off-white outfit. It's kind of ghostly and ethereal, and makes me think of banshees and similar spooks.
  3. Bold or Neon Eye Makeup - Goths and the Alternative scene can probably lay claim to the heavy make-up, black eyeliner cat-eye trend. But I do enjoy some of the more neon styles being seen lately. The neon colours offer a change, yet still possess the same extreme look. And I like that.
  4. Agate/ Gemstone Decor - Who doesn't love giant rocks. 'Nough Said.
  5. Neon Lipstick - Similar to the eye makeup trends, I really just like the alternative to typical lip colours. It can be hard to find a bright pastel or neon lip colour that matches your complexions, but I think its a matter of find what works for you. I'd like to experiment with weird colours like this. Except for orange. I dislike orange lipstick a lot
  6. Ear cuffs - As someone with no piercings (gasp I know right?!) ear cuffs have opened a whole new world of jewellery that I never had access to before. And I love them for that.(I dunno why I never got my ears pierced. It seemed like too much effort at the time and now I'm just not motivated enough to do it. )

Do you have any mainstream trends you like or guilty pleasures you are willing to admit to?

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  1. I had no idea that gemstones/rocks were trending decor. I'm really liking the sheer panels on everything right now, in addition to all of the style-related above you mentioned

  2. Crosses on everything, though I don't think that's as trendy right now as I'm already finding cross items at thrift shops ;)