Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions

I almost never make resloutions, but I figured I'd try it out just to see. Hopefully I'll actually follow through.

Blog related
  • Biweekly posts that aren't Polyvore Posts.
  • More DIY posts: I craft and DIY a lot, it's really just a matter of me actually documenting things. I'm super bad at that
  • More photo-posts: I'd like to take more pictures of the lovely things out in the world.
  • Make some posts about local artists and bands. I know many alternative models, fashion designers, artists, bands in my local area and I'd love to do a few reviews and possibly even interviews for this blog.
  • Add a “What I'm listening too” to the end of my posts.
  • Maybe some Outfit Posts that aren't polyvore posts? Maybe you'll actualy see me?? (No you won't I'll probably censor my face, but close enough)
  • Make some printables. I'd like to share my artsy abilities with my lovely darklings through printables. Maybe some alternative cupcake topppers, valentines, greeting cards etc. That type of thing.

  • Obtain a tripod : I hate the look of flash and lighting in my home is awful. It is also awful in a lot of other places I take photos, like clubs (of bands), outside at night, in dark places etc. also key if I ever decide to do outfit posts.
  • Build up my office wardrobe.
  • Travel: I'm not sure where, but I'm thinking probably Europe (Germany, Scandinavia), Ireland & Scotland or Australia. I want to travel for at least a few weeks after my internship is done before I go back to school in September.
  • Draw More, Create More and Build up my Portfolio. More importantly, Update my portfolio.
  • Use my tablet more.
  • Use SolidWorks more often. 
 What do you think? I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Any resolutions for yourself?

Twiggy Pop
Listening to - "Where is my mind?" - The Pixies

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