Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Let's go buy some useless mall junk.

Old Horrorpops and New NIN.
The sweater is uber cozy, and the top is gothy and work appropriate. Excellent :)

These were all on sale for 94 cents. Grey fishnets, and mesh tights in 2 shades of pink. Strange colours, but I like them.

Soooooocks. Thigh High socks, toe socks and a pair of lacey tights from Ardene's.

I have to confess that I kind of like shopping, but only when stuff is on sale. I'm thrifty. I hated shopping when I was a young-un', but as I figured out what I liked to wear I decided that I'd have to shop for myself or forever wear hand-me-downs. (My older sibling had pretty good taste so it wasn't that bad actually). But as I learned how to shop, and yes for me it was something that I needed to learn,  and how to value items I sort of enjoyed it. Anyways now I love sales. See Above for all the pretties I bought.

Listening to - "The house of Tasteful Men" - The Vincent Black Shadow

Twiggy Pop

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