Sunday, 5 January 2014

Topics to blog about:

Since I'm going to actually attempt to make frequent updates, this is my list of prompts:
  1.  Favorite Goth activity to do on a lazy sunday
  2.  Guilty Pleasures (version 1): Things you enjoy that are decidedly not alternative (Maybe not guilty at all)
  3.  Guilty Pleasures (version 2): Alt/ Gothy things you like or do that might be frowned upon by your other goth buddies 
  4. Baby-Bat Phase: Did you have one? What was it like?
  5. 5 Mainstream Trends that drive you bonkers
  6. 5 Alternative Trends you embrace and can't get enough of
  7. 5 Alternative Trends you never really "got"
  8. 5 Pet Peeves in general
  9. What is one genre of goth (cyber goth, pastel goth etc) that year really like and one that you really dislike.
  10. 10 Bands you adore
  11. What was the first alternative musician/band that you listened to? What genre would you call the band (punk, ska, goth, metal etc)?
  12. Is the alt lifestyle 24/7 for you? Why or Why not?
  13. Do you dabble in many genres and styles, or have you found one look and scene that works for you?
  14. How to make an otherwise boring space into your own alt-paradise (Bedroom, living room etc)
  15. How to survive "cheerful gatherings" without biting off someones head or giving up your own dignity
  16. How to survive "goth -themed" parties or costumes etc hosted by people who don't know anything about alternative subcultures
  17. One article of clothing in your closet that you wear too often / can't live without
  18. One artcile of clothing you own that you should probably throw out but can't seem to toss
  19. Is there a band you first didn't like but now adore? Did you hate a band and now can tolerate them?
  20. How have your music tastes evolved and changed
  21. Music Wishlist: Albums you intend to own one day or wish you could buy
  22. Fashion Wishlist: Items of clothing you covet muchly
  23. Book wishlist: Books you really want to read, and whether you'd buy them or just borrow from the library (Bonus post, do you use the library?)
  24. Historical Wishlist: Historical items (example clothing) that you wish you could own now
  25. Weirdest thing ever said to you about your style of dress. Bonus points for funny responses.
  26. What is essential to your alternative lifestyle
  27. Your favorite style inspiration that isn't directly Goth
  28. Your favorite Goth Inspiration
  29. How to make any holiday a little more gothy (Easter, Valentines day?)
  30. An infamous person in the Goth scene and how you feel about them. (Basically some one who seems to be a frequent topic of argument about whether or not they are goth/ or if the art they produce is goth. Such as Tim Burton, Marylin Manson etc) 

Listening to - "Fire and Whispers" - IAMX
Update: I thought of mooooore...

31. A relative that inspired you in your alternative ways
32. Favorite Alt Movies. Least Favorite Alt movies. and why.


  1. This really helped me with inspiration for posts! Thank you :D