Monday, 9 September 2013

From the office to the club

From the office to the club by goth-proxy featuring black bags

As a fan of alternative subculture, you will find yourself still going to goth bars, going to punk shows, going to meet ups and "fancy" fun dinners with your alternative buddies outside your working hours. And so you should! But first you go home to change, because there's no way you'd go out in a blazer and your one good pair of black tights that have no holes. 
But what do you do when you work far from home, your outing is right after work or going home to change simply isn't an option?
Never fear, options are available.
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In the outfit I've assembled above I used the same skirt, shirt, shoes, and jacket.

So what do you need?

  1. BAG! A big bag. You probably have a large purse you use for work already. It should be big enough to fit your fishnets, extra accessories you might want like a collar, and your shirt. Bonus if you can throw your blazer in there. Depending on your destination you can bring this bag with you to the bar.
    1. But what if I'm going the be dancing all night / I don't have a car to throw the bag in? You might have a friend near by the you can leave it with, but likely you with be leaving it at work if your office under yourdesk. If this is the case, be sure you have a smaller wallet-like purse (clutch or wristlet) that fits your keys, cash, phone, ID and important cards. Or Pockets. Bring neccessary valuables with you, and leave your blazer, blouse and laptop under your desk. You can retrieve them the next day /Monday.

  2. SHIRT! Choose a top that is good for both the bar and the work place. That's difficult though. So the trick I used here is layering shirts. A cami underneath a light clouse is modest enough for the workplace. Remove either one and you are left with a low cut shirt, or a riské midriff baring top.

  3. SKIRT! A simple black skirt is incredibly versatile. Paired with opaque black tights this leather panel skirt is perfect for the office. Switch the tights to fishnets and it's perfect for the bar.

  4. SHOES! Carrying around extra shoes is awful. Unless you have a car you can leave them in the back of, I recommend finding shoes you like enough to wear to the bar, but are simple enough to wear to work. See my suggestions here.

  5. COAT! A Blazer and Jacket Combo. Your Blazer should fit comfortably under your jacket, and your jacket should be mostly work appropriate. When at work you'll be showing off your blazer, and your not your jacket so the jacket can be a bit more out-there.When at the club you can bring your blazer and just keep in underneath your jacket, but I'd recommend leaving it at the office or in your bag to avoid extra bulk.

  6. ACCESSORIES! Most jewellery will be fine for work, but if you desire big chunky black studded cuffs and a collar leave it in your bag until you go out. You can also bring fishnet shirt/ arm warmers and the like. I enjoy fishnet shirts for this purpose because they instantly make an outfit edgier and take up nearly no room in my purse.

Cheers darklings!
Twiggy Pop

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