Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fall Transitions

Hello Darklings!

As the autumn equinox grows closer, the days grow short and the weather gets colder, we must put away our t-shirts and mini skirts and sandals and wear cozy sweaters leather coats and boots....

That doesn't sound hard. Not for one with goth tendencies anyways.
In fact, we revel in the cool weather. Layering black on black on black with heavy boots is what we do best. I personally love the heat, but I do have to admit most of my wardrobe, and many of my favorite outfits, are better suited for the cooler weather. and as some one who is always cold, it's nice to not have people questioning why I'm wearing a sweater and jacket.

Office tips

  1. It's easy to wear lots of dark colours and layers in the fall, and the goth look sort of naturally finds it's way into our outfits... On one hand, it's excellent that this is the style so we can feel more free to wear lots of dark colours with out being "too out there." But be careful, don't forget about the office setting you work in and keep in mind what will be appropriate for the environment. You don't want to scare your boss too much.
  2. (If you wear make-up) Try a lighter shade of make up. Neutral earthy tones and golds work well at this time of year, and present a nice alternative to black eye liner. They soften the lines and can reduce the "harshness" of an outfit.

  3. Knits are great. In the fall, heavy course fabrics and leather are a style staple, but too much can leave you looking like your ready for a gothy outfit, not work. Soften the look with knitted sweaters or shrugs.
  4. Greys and neutral tones are your friends. I wear black jeans / dress pants, a black long sleeved shirt and a black blazer, topped off with a black scarf and black shoes . While I love this look, it might not be the best for the office, most would say I look like I'm ready for a funeral. Some times this look works fine, and it really depends on your office environment. But when in doubt, introduce a pop of color, or try out some neutral tones and lighter greys.

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