Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Charming Lighting

Charming Lighting by goth-proxy featuring black and white shades

One of the best ways to get over the blahs of living in the "real world," that is to say, the lifestyle one might have to take up to be "adults," is decorating your home in oddities. I encourage you to create your own home DIY projects inspired by these charming oddities, but if you aren't for that, or don't have the time, or simply wish to splurge on some fabulous home decor, here five lamps (almost) under $50 that I've been coveting for my own home.  

  1. This Hanging Lamp that looks a tad bit Art Nouveau. ($51)
    Bronze lighting

  2. This Gloriously Red Chandelier. ($51)
  3. Red chandelier

  4. This Lamp Shade that makes me think of Moulin Rouge. ($40)

  5. This Woven Pendant Light that looks like fairies live inside. ($51)
    Ball lamp

  6. This Looming Buffet Lamp. ($30)
    Black and white shades

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