Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Ice Queen Halloween Costume!

This costume was so much fun to make, and I got to wear a very odd amount of white. 

I had two versions of this outfit, princess mode and full-out vampire queen mode.
For both outfits I wore my white lingerie bodice which is very lacey and frilly and I love wearing it at any chance I get. I also wore a black wig, a pair of Scarecrow-brand vampire fangs, and some DIY accessories such as my icicle crown and my lacey-queen-collar, which doesn't show up great in this. I will be making DIY tutorials for those two items in the future.

More details after the break!

For the princess version I wore a white crinoline/tutu. It is somewhat see-through so I wore frilly blue bloomers underneath. I also wore white fishnets with black tights underneath to help add contrast (and give me some extra warmth). I wore plain black boots, since I didn't want to splurge on new shoes just for this outfit. ... Maybe I will acquire white boots one day, but not today.
Princess mode was for going out earlier in the week to a goth-club night.

Also shown in the princess mode is my white velvet bolero which used to be a wedding dress. That is the most fun part of this outfit, the DIY bolero and skirt. I found a cheap velvet wedding dress from a thrift store. It was hideous and shapeless. I cut it in half and reconstructed it to create the bolero and the skirt that I wore in my queen outfit.  Queen-Mode was worn for a low-key Halloween party.

What did you dress up as for halloween? What did you do?
Did you dress up at all, or are you the type of goth who sees Halloween as just a typical day / the one day of the year when your daily wardrobe is "normal" ?


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  1. I really love your outfit! Very ice goth! I would love to see a crown tutorial!