Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sad Announcement

Both goth nights in Ottawa are done for.

As you may already know, Death Disco at Swizzles (which used to be held every saturday night) was official ended a few weeks back.

And now, I've just learned that Industrial Strength Tuesdays at Zaphod's will be officially ending next Tuesday. I've heard that Zaphods may host a retro alternative night and a gamer-goth night (Geeks & Bleeps) on the first and last Tuesday of each month respectively. However, I'm not sure that has been confirmed and presently I believe that the club will simply be closed on Tuesday Nights.

 I've heard that there is an alternative / underground music night at Swizzles on Saturdays. I can't confirm that yet though.

I feel great sadness to see these events go. They were the few weekly events keeping goth and industrial alive in Ottawa. The punk scene seems to be doing alright, with the Dominion thriving, House of Targ growing in popularity and Mavericks continuing to host shows. Cafe Decuf has also hosted punk, goth, industrial and other alternative bands in the past. And for now, Zaphods remains open and may still be a potential venue for goth bands. that being said, I feel that the alternative scene in ottawa is slowly shrinking.

Please, if you are located in Ottawa and feel a love for the alternative, come out to events and support local venues, bands and artists. The alternative scene is only what the local community makes of it.

For now, I will continue to scan the horizon for events and shows and keep you updated.

This upcoming weekend is PopExpo. For those geeky-goths in Ottawa, make your way out. Dress up in your most splendid cosplay, lolita, steam-punk or post-apocalyptic attire.

Next week, go out to Zaphod's for the final Industrial Strength Tuesday. Go out and party twice as hard for me, since unfortunate circumstances are keeping me from attending. I'll be there in spirit.

Goodbye to a beloved event.


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