Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Grump

Bah humbug and black cats. My preferred Solstice tree looks very much dead.
Maybe with some glittery skulls...

Christmas isn't my thing.

Not in the least bit. I find the culture around it sort of unpleasant. I hate Christmas music (save for the occasional song that is anti-Christmas or makes fun of the occasion or something to that effect). And the traditional decorations make me cringe.

I do however celebrate winter solstice, and I do follow the practice of gift giving, because I like to make people happy. I try very hard to avoid the consumer culture of the Holidays, but I fully support any one's personal beliefs or desires to celebrate as they choose. I just don't like celebrating Christmas traditionally I suppose. Maybe it's just that Christmas starts too early. You start to see decorations in stores by September, and are forced to listen to the bad music through November until December, sometimes earlier. Two full months of this kitschy holiday is too much for me.

One of my coping mechanisms is putting up spooky decorations and using this as an excuse to put up glittering Halloween decorations and dead things covered in glitter. (Dead trees with glitter? I can dig it.) And also to watch movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas. And to wear headphones everywhere in public to avoid the bad music. And I try to be polite and accept people's well wishes for the holidays, they mean no harm.

I also like making crafts. Some of my crafts pertain to creating witchy things for my Winter Solstice Alter, or to give as gifts, or as offerings to people's homes when they invite me. I also like to create little items to hang in doorways and in windows. Anything to invite creative and positive energies into my life when I'm surrounded by glum weather and (what I find to be) an emotionally draining atmosphere.

One cute craft inspiration I found were these "anti-Christmas" ornaments from EvilLilyOriginals. It inspires me to make some of my own "anti-holiday" ornaments. Perhaps they'd make a cute gift for a friend.

How do you guys survive the holidays? Or do you love the holidays and think I'm just being a grump ?

Listening to "Control" - The Birthday Massacre

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  1. I want to do something for the solistice this year, although it's not winter for us here. I like Christmas because my partner's family are lovely and it is lovely getting together with them, even though I see them all the time anyway. I like choosing thoughtful gifts for others, although I sometimes get frustrated when I don't know what to get. I guess I still like this time of year, even with all the ads for stupid expensive things, and all that!