Monday, 10 February 2014

Printables! Valloween cards

Print out and give to your dearest dead freinds.

And if you'd just like some silly poems try these: 

Roses are Red
Zombies are Green
Won't you be mine
This fine Valloween
 -(Credit: I have no idea where I first heard this version, if you know it's origin I'd like to know who to credit :) )

Or the less friendly version:

Fresh hearts are bloody
Bruises are blue
You think I'm cruddy

And I hate your guts too
-(Credit: Me, although I'm sure there are similar versions out there)

How do you plan on spending this Valloween? With a darling, some buddies or alone? Or is it just another Friday for you?

Listening to "A little priest" - from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack

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