Monday, 16 December 2013

How to survive Christmas (And the holidays in general) as an Alternative type Person

Goth's aren't typically known for their love of Christmas and the Holidays.

(*For the purposes of this post I will be speaking more specifically to Christmas festivities because I am more familiar. Personally I celebrate Solstice/Yule but more of my relations celebrate Christmas so I tend to be immersed in those situations. These are the ways I've managed to survive the holidays. If you have your own tips feel free to share in the comments. If you have found your own ways to celebrate other religious holidays in a gothy fashion I'd love to hear about it too!)

If you find yourself stuck in the dreadfully cheery atmosphere of Christmas, Read on for my tips on how to survive or maybe even enjoy the winter season festivities.

Discover the Roots
I won't go too much into my own beliefs, but basically I found that learning about the traditions that inspired most of the Christmas celebrations of today gave me a way to find my own way of celebrating and gave me a way to adapt. If you find the roots of the holiday speak to you, you may be able to find a Solstice gathering near you and go check it out. It could be a nice relief from the corny commercialized version of christmas all over the malls.

Decorate your own way

Or don't decorate at all. Or put up Halloween decorations. Make your room or home your own winter paradise.

This year I found a tiny tree and covered it in black tinsel, little pumpkins, black Christmas balls, and some Halloween fake hearts. I painted bats and skulls and skeletons on Christmas balls and hung them all over the place. You could also grab dead branches, paint them black and use that as a tree. Make goth stockings!

 (Warning: Thar' be strong language in this next picture!)

Take time to yourself
Don't let people make you feel bad for needing to take time for yourself. The holidays often make a big deal about spending time with family and people and parties. Sometimes, you need to just have time to yourself and that's OKAY. Sit down, have some hot coco or cider and read some Poe or listen to some tunes. Take time to relax. Build a blanket fort, take a bath or just plain pamper yourself. Remember, the holidays are for destressing and relaxation. There's no shame in taking some time to yourself.

Feeling lonely? Watch this:

Plan your own Gatherings
Sometimes you get stuck at parties not having fun because christmas isn't your thing. If you are inclined, host your own! Serve black iced cupcakes, shortbread ghosts and a haunted gingerbread house. Play goth-y games or victorian christmas games. Check out this list to find some you might enjoy.

Make a Scary snowman
Snowmen are already freaky if you ask me. Add a witch hat and some goth accessories and you are good to go!

Earplugs / Noise Cancelling Headphones
Christmas music everywhere! If you do have to go out, into the malls and stores, and christmas music drives you insane, carry ear plugs. Better yet, drown out the noise of it with your own music. Just remember to be kind and remove the headphones when you go to the cash. Cashier's are stressed this time of the year, be kind / polite to them. There's a good chance the Cashier hates the Christmas music as much as you do.
(I say this as a former cashier.)

Listen to Ridiculous Music

'nough said.

And if you find yourself feeling down this Christmas don't be afraid to reach out for help.
As a fellow freaky person, I'm always happy to talk to anyone who might want to chat.
There's usually a goth community of lovely people around you too, so be sure to check out what ever gothy events might be going on near you!

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