Monday, 9 December 2013

Black and White

There's just something very classic about black and white prints.
I love them. I love how they can be mod. Or Cute, Or funky and psychadelic, Or grungey and punk.
They are versatile and are almost always instyle and go with just about anything (except maybe polka dots?)

And they are festive:
See What I did there?
But really, if I'm being forced out to a christmas party and I can't bring my self to wear red or green I wear stripes. (since my green is mostly neon and red at a Christmas party is just over done. Seriously, you ever gone to a Christmas party, everyone is wearing red.)
It's just one of the few ways I survive the holidays. Avoiding overly festive colour schemes.

(This Christmas ball is from Amazon)
How do you guys survive the holidays?

I'm currently making a list of survival tips for the holidays.
I shall share them soon.

Ta ta!
Twiggy Pop

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