Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dressing up jeans and combat boots

Tips after the break:

FIRST: check your work dress code. jeans may be a no no. if there is no posted dress code then proceed with caution.

Most people (goths anyways) own at least one pair or black jeans.
Step one is ensuring that the jeans are work suitable:
  1. They are not faded (If needed, you can renew the original color by doing a quick dye treatment in black fabric dye.)
  2. They have no tears , holes etc
  3. The bottom hem is clean and doesn't drag on the ground
  4. They fit well (not overly tight or baggy)
IF they pass those criteria move on to the next step:
The boot check!
Do the bottoms of your pants fit over the tops of the combat boots?
Yes - good!
No- you might have to cave and buy a pair of suitable black slacks.

Next : Shine those boots.
First, thoroughly wipe down the boot with a damp cloth/rag and remove dirt, dust, mud, etc. You may need a salt-stain remover to remove winter salt marks. Polish with leather wax (or faux leather wax). You can find a colored leather wax that matches the boot to help hide blemishes that didn't come off with the first cleaning.

The Pants and boots are ready for work!
Pair them with an uncreased button-up-shirt and clean blazer or jacket.
Add a tie if desired/ required.

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