Thursday, 10 October 2013

Oh la la. Make-up Galore.

Twiggy goes to the Revlon sale! 

I have to admit, I'm not a frequent make-up wearer... but I enjoy a good sale just as much as the next person, and having decent quality make up on hand is always a plus when I do decide to wear it.

My make-up buys include:

Make-up remover wipes - because clean skin is a good thing.
New Mascara - because my other mascara is getting old, and you should replace mascara every six months or so anyways.
PINK lipstick - because I can.
Creme eyeshadow- because it had lime green and I felt like it would be fun to add some color to my pallet. (as it is now, I own a lot of variations on black eyeshadow...)
NAIL POLISH - because it's fun. even though it won't stay on my nails for more than two days...
Some weird foundation thing - I dunno. I don't do foundation. At all. I've never actually used it. But I thought it might be handy for costumes, photoshoots etc. I have notorious dark circles under my eyes.

Woo. Make Up.
I've never had the dedication to paint my face daily but I know some who won't leave home without their black lips and heavy eyeliner.

How about you, darklings? Do you wear make up, and if so how dedicated are you?

Twiggy Pop


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