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6 lipstick alternatives to black

6 lipstick alternatives to black

6 lipstick alternatives to black by goth-proxy

Black lipstick is a staple of any goth make up bag for girls and boys alike.But wear the same thing everyday can be abit repetitive. (I get bored of wearing the same thing personally.) There are also those of us who don't feel comfortable in black lipstick, or don't feel it suits us. So if you are bored, not ready for full out black lipstick, don't feel it suits you or simply want something new to add to your make up collection, here are my 6 favorite lipstick color alternatives:

  1. Super vibrant: Try something totally out there like a magenta or blue lipstick for an equally extreme, yet freshly unique alternative to black lipstick.

  2. Plum, Purple, Violet Tones: Not ready for vibrant blue? Try a toned down plum color (or a violet-red tone) for dark lips with a little color.

  3. Oxblood Red: Almost black but not quite, and a bit more natural than purple or blue. You might even be able to wear it in the office...

  4. Nude: Match it to your skin tone or even go a few shades lighter for an eerie, ghostly look. Alternatively, keep it close enough to your natural color to give a very subtle ghostly pale look to your lips but still be appropriate for work. (you don't have to be lily white for this to work, just find a shade close enough to your own tones.)

  5. Classic Red: Red is a great place to start if you want to get used to lipstick and aren't ready for the more extreme looks. To really ease your self in get a red lip-stain instead, as they tend to look more natural.

  6.  Chocolate: A dark brown that's almost black will look more natural but deliver the same exaggerated lip look. Also try out the opposite technique to the nude style-- match it to your skin tone an go a few shades darker until you are comfortable. Bonus points: this will probably but work appropriate. Use your best judgement.

What are your favorite lipstick looks darklings?

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