Sunday, 10 May 2015

Photos from ComicCon.Such amazing

ComicCon was a blast. I found some fantastic books, and as usual there were some amazing talented artists and fabulous geek-goth clothing and merch.

The highlight was seeing Marina Sirtis & Jonathan Frakes (Deanna Troi & Will Riker from Star Trek TNG) at a Q&A. They were full of energy, funny and social. They told lots of fun stories and kept us all smiling. Yes, deep down I am a sci fi nerd, probably more geek than goth but I'm alright with that. These sorts of events attract such a wide variety of people, from geeks, to punks, to goth, to moms and kids and elderly. Its a unique opportunity to see so many types of people in one place all reveling in their quirkiness.

I hope you enjoy these photos, just a few of my favorite costumes that I spotted. (If you spot yourself and want credit for your talented costume, or would like the image removed, do let me know!)

Knitted Night-Crawler!

A personified Notebook from "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Intricate armor and weapons are fantastic! 

Wait for it....

The wings expanded and folded! 


  1. I dont know the series but I love the notebook girl!

  2. The notebook girl is inspired from the notebook puppet in the somewhat creepy Puppet Series called "Don't hug me I'm scared". If you like oddly disturbing puppets I recommend the series: