Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Last Weekend at G-Anime

I had a great day at the con. I met some neat people and encountered a Zombie hunter (?) that I challenged to a duel! :P 

And then at the after party I won a gift bag with super neat socks and a signed photo of Kudrel. 

G-Anime was a small but fun Convention. I had plenty of Frnehc and Bilingual programming, but I felt that there could have been more in English. I played some fun video games, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, and Just Dance.

Just Dance was great, lots of people in fantastic outfit dancing along to ridiculous choreography, I was very very spazzy.

I went to a panel about Mahou Kei, and I've been inspired to start dressing like a spooky Dark Magical Girl (Sailor Saturn is my inspiration~~). I really hope I can work some of the aspects of Mahou Kei into my wardrobe.

Afterwards, at Swizzles's Afterparty, I had a great time dancing and playing pool. Kudrel, a local pro-costume designer and cosplayer, was present and acting as judge for the costume competition. Unfortunately there weren't too many people in costume present. But I won one of the prizes which was exciting!

I definitely need to go out dancing more. And I can't wait to start working on my next costume.

Twiggy Pop

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  1. Sounds fun! Yay for winning a gift bag! Love the costume!