Monday, 7 April 2014

Steampunk Gala 2014

Photo Credit to  Petr Maur.

 The steam punk Gala was a fabulous fun. When I arrived I felt like I was walking onto a movie set, the costumes and decor was very well planned. The Gala was held at the RCAF Officer's Mess, it was the perfect setting. The building maintains a turn-of-the-century aesthetic which seemed entirely appropriate for the occasion.

There were so many extravagant costumes. Steam punk wings, tall-top hats, brown leather and brass buckles were in abundance. There was even a steam-punk Darth Vader! the theme of the night was "circus" and many people took on a more circus theme for there outfits, clowns, mimes, jesters and even a class tight-rope walker. There were also many classic victorian and romantic goth outfits.

The gala included unique entertainment such as Jolie Stripes doing a burlesque glass-walking routine, and a Hoop Dance by Sophie Latreille. There were also some more classic circus acts such as juggling by Tim Keir and Pantomime by Marion Netty. The performers were incredibly talented and fun to watch. And then the evening was filled with splendid steampunk music, dancing and boardgames.

(It was a night of alternative nerdy bliss.)

Check out more pictures from the Gala by Petr Maur.

I'd love to go to more events like this in the future, and I hope more opportunities arise. Unfortunately I heard that this would be the last annual gala, so I hope that either new organizers are able to take up the reigns or that similar events happen again soon.

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  1. Looks so awesome! too bad they aren't continuing it

    1. I'm not 100% sure what is happening next year. I've heard a few people talking about next years event so now I don't know what to think. I do recall one of the organizers mentioning that this would be the last gala but maybe somebody took on next years event. I hope they continue it!

  2. One of my old Newcastle Steampunk group members moved to Canada and is now in the Ottawa group! It looked like an amazing event! I was very jealous!

    1. It was very fun indeed.
      But now you have the perfect excuse to come visit canada!