Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring Trends To Take Advantage Of

Spring trends are always tricky to deal with when you fall into the darker alternative scene...
Florals, Pastels, Bright prints, sundresses, peep toe shoes.... Many things that don't fit into my wardrobe at all. However, there are some ways to make the latest spring trends work for you:

Trends to Take Advantage Of
Trends to Take Advantage Of. Part 2

Trends to Take Advantage Of. by goth-proxy

1. White Blouses
Though not strictly goth or alternative, I do find a white button-up shirt is a key element in my wardrobe. It can be easily incorporated into a more formal outfit, a work-appropriate outfit, or even a dramatic victorian goth or steam-punk outfit. Many variations are being revealed this spring and I think it might be a good time to go find a fresh one for my wardrobe. 

2. Ear Cuffs
I enjoy the extreme look ear cuffs prsent, especially the dramatic one with large metal frills and dangling chains. Definitely the perfect addition to an alternative wardrobe.

3. Flower Crowns
Quite Hippie-Dippie. Pink and yellow crowns of blossoms might not be your taste, but keep your eyes peeled for black blossom crowns. Or better yet, DIY a spectacularly spooky crown. 

4. Punk shoes
Platforms, Creepers, Spiked shoes are in. I always like when I don't have to order shoes online, since I never feel like I can trust the size charts. Lately I've been seeing all sorts of punk-inspired (and even some goth-brand names) in many mainstream shoe stores. 

5. Black&white
Black and White is still in! I'm definitely looking forward to more striped outfits, And bold prints in that fashion. Also look for black-&-white clothing items featuring ombre and more subtle prints. 

6. Art-Inspired Prints and Designs
I've been seeing lots of interesting items with classic art motifs, as well as items with a "splattered-paint" appearance. I'm inspired to try some artistic DIYs of my own. 

7. Metal "Warrior" Cuffs
Warrior Princess! Metal cuffs have been popping up all over the place. I really enjoy the heavy asthetic of large metal jewellery...

8.  Rings and things(Hand Armor)
Speaking of large metal jewellery, I've also been seeing many double rings and hand chains in accessories stores. The perfect addition the the warrior aesthetic. 

9.Unique Pastel Accessories
Pastel Goths rejoice, spring means pastels are out in full force and now is the perfect time to seek out new articles for your wardrobe. Even if you aren't into the pastel goth look, you will probably still enjoy the look of quirky pastel items that feature skulls, spikes and the like.

Mesh and fishnet-like materials are essential to the "goth-look." Seek out items with mesh panels and large open knit materials.

Not included in this list are leather and spikes. While I haven't seen much of them in trend reporting as of late, from what I can tell they have integrated into mainstream fashion quite persistantly. Even if they aren't the main focus of spring fashion, I'll still be keeping my eyes open for such items, especially in the fall discount bins.

Happy Hunting Darklings!

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  1. I love white blouses, especially the sort with ruffles, lace etc. I also like dresses that are, say, black with purple flowers or some other contrasting detail just for 'casual' wear (although I do also wear coloured items too). Those boots with the cat on them are sooo cute! I would also love a purple or black flower crown.

    1. I have to say I wear quite a bit of colour as well (relatively speaking for a goth that is), now you have me wanting to find a black and purple floral dress!
      and Yes I love the cat boots too. I definitely need to find some paint that will stick to shoes and create something similar....